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Canon t5i vs Nikon D3300

A camera is a very important device. It helps us capture beautiful things present in our daily lives. There are many incredible types of cameras in the market and they vary in terms of price, features and functionality.


It is always advisable to choose the one that suits your needs the best. This will make you appreciate the value of your money and also will provide you with the best experiences.


Of all the cameras available in the market, the Canon t5i and the Nikon D3300 have gained great reputations. Their impressive features and excellent functionality makes them top the list of many.


Some people find it confusing to choose between the two and have asked us plenty of times which one is the best. That is why we decided to write this review citing the main specs and differences between the two so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Canon t5i Specs

Nikon D3300 Specs

18 megapixels
30 frames per second shooting
18-55mm STM lens
3’’ LCD display
High sensitivity (12,800-25,600)
18 megapixels
18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 G VR II lens
60 fps video capturing
3’’ LCD display
5fps still photo capturing



High image quality
Touchscreen display
Continous shooting capability
Powerful lens
Captures high quality images and videos
Offers good dynamic range
Produces excellent print quality
Compact design


Low life battery life


Slow live view
Lacks AF illuminator
Low life battery life

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This remarkable camera comes with an ergonomic design which makes it easy and comfortable to handle.You will have an amazing shooting experience when using it.The design is also sleek and attractive.

In addition, it is made using high quality materials which gives it a robust body. It does not easily break when it falls accidentally and is extremely durable.

It comes with 18 megapixels which provides you with high resolution photos and videos. Add to that the continuous shooting ability and you are able to shoot high resolution photos and videos non-stop.

In addition, this camera is highly sensitive. Its sensitivity ranges from 12,800-25,600 and focuses extremely fast thanks to the AF system.

The Canon t5i has the exceptional ability to record high definition movies at an incredible speed of 30 frames per second. The rate can even be faster if the resolution is reduced to 1280x720. This explains why it is popular in the film industry.

Additionally, it has large a LCD display which measures 3’’. The display monitor not only allows you to view objects when shooting but also enables you to review photos and videos that have already been shot. One thing that you will like about this display is that it is operated by touch. This makes it easy to use.It can also be tilted to the direction or position that you want so that you can take photos and videos from any angle.

The camera also includes creative filter which enables you to preview in real time how your image will be like.

It also has a powerful 18-55mm STM lens which gives you excellent and accurate focus. It focuses quietly and smoothly.The lens also provides you with 4 stops of image stabilization.

Its other important features include HDR backlight control, handheld night scene and multi-shot noise reduction.

Lastly,it comes with vital accessories such as LP-E8 battery pack,EOS digital solution disk CD-Rom, shoulder strap,USB connection cable,eye cup, body cup,18-55mm STM lens and more.

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Not only does the Nikon D3300 have a solid hard body which makes it strong and durable, it is also very attractive.

It comes in three different colors; red,black and gray. This allows you to choose your favorite in terms of color preference.

Furthermore, it has a compact design hence small in size and highly portable. This makes it convenient to carry from one shooting location to another. It is very popular in shooting sports activities.

Moreover, it has a high speed image processor which enables you to shoot still images at 5 frames per second. It also allows you to record full HD videos at the rate of 60 frames per second.This makes it your best choice.

Besides,its sensitivity has been expanded to 25,600 equivalents.To add on,it comes with wonderful effects which help you to capture the best photos and videos.

Additionally,it has excellent 18-55mm VR II lens which enables you to capture accurate and sharp images.If you love quality photos and videos,this is the right camera for you.

In terms of storage,the camera uses secure digital memory cards.This allows you to shoot as many videos and photos as possible without worrying about insufficient storage space.

The camera comes with other useful accessories such as rechargeable Li-ion battery, quick charger, rechargeable battery, rubber eye cup, strap and more.

Final Verdict

From the reviews above, although both cameras are good, it is quite evident that Canon T5i has superior functionality and better features than Nikon D3300. You are free to choose the camera that you think will serve you better. Make sure that once you purchase any of these two cameras, you take a look at how to clean your camera sensor