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Different Types Of Digital Cameras


The most common question we hear from people before choosing a camera is what is the best camera to buy? Sure, this is a very important question. However, if you are asking this question you are probably not aware of the different types of digital cameras that are available in the market.


Below we list the different types of digital cameras available for you to purchase.


DSLR Cameras (Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras or DSLR Cameras):


dslr camerasDSLR Cameras are the most advanced and versatile cameras that you can buy, and our personal favorite.


The first major difference you will probably notice is its size. It is relatively larger than normal compact consumer cameras and you will surely not be able to fit one in your pocket.


A great feature in DSLR Cameras is that you can use them in automatic mode and take pictures just like you would with any other camera right off the bat, but you can also set it to full manual mode and take advantage of some more advanced features and make adjustments according to your needs. You could adjust things such as aperture priority and shutter priority, for example.


Having said this, you can see how versatile these cameras are. A complete beginner can use DSLR cameras as well as a professional. Both will get great results.


This versatility can also be seen in the fact that you can easily change the camera lens to fit different situations. For example, you might want to use a fixed focal 28mm length lens for scenes with wide angles. You may later want to remove that lens and put on a fixed 200mm focal length telephoto lens in order to take a closer picture of the scene. Zoom lenses are also widely popular with DSLR cameras.


As you could probably tell by now, DSLR cameras are higher quality than compact cameras. Their lenses usually have higher quality and can take better photographs.


Another big difference between DSLR cameras and compact cameras is the image sensor size. DSLR cameras have larger image sensors which result in better quality images. Having said this, it is extremely important to take care of you DSLR camera's sensor. It is important to read this tutorial on how to clean a camera sensor.


Standard Compact Cameras:

standard compact cameras

Standard compact cameras are small, light and on the cheap side.


Compact cameras, or Point and Shoots, are usually the first model a person gets when they enter into the digital photography world.


Usually, these models are fully automatic, they take pictures on the go and do not have any adjustment options. There are some exceptions that do allow for some manual mode or other modifications.


The common models have a foldable zoom lens of about 3x to 10x, built-in flash and LCD screens on the back to view the pictures taken.


The reason why these are attractive for beginners is because of the cheap price, the ease of use and the compact size which allows you to easily take them anywhere with you.


These are great if you do not really care about your pictures having the best quality, if you want to use them for occasional travel or if you just want to take some pictures for fun.


Super Zoom Cameras:

standard compact cameras

Super Zoom Cameras, Bridge Cameras or Advanced Compact Cameras are a step up from the Standard Compact Cameras.


The main difference between these cameras and the standard ones are that they allow for the user to have more control over the exposure settings. These are usually semi-automatic and have some useful adjustable settings that make them a good intermediate model.


A common feature of these cameras are its much longer zoom rates than compact ones, which is why they are usually referred to as Super Zoom Cameras.


These cameras are normally larger  and heavier than compact cameras, resembling DSLR cameras.


Unlike DSLR cameras though, Bridge cameras do not allow for the removal and changing of lenses. This and the higher price than the standard ones made this type of camera lose popularity over the years.


Compact (Mirrorless) System Cameras:

standard compact cameras

These types of digital cameras are similar to DSLR cameras with a lot of the same functionalities. You are able to use Mirrorless cameras in full manual, automatic or semi-automatic just like DSLR cameras.


Some manufacturers call these types of cameras Compact System Cameras or Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras. Both names refer to the same type of camera.


The main difference between these cameras and DSLR cameras is that these are smaller in size. This is because these don't have optical viewfinders that are present in the DSLR cameras.


Optical viewfinders use a system of mirrors that allow you to view the scene that will be photographed. Compact System cameras do not have these mirrors.


Another difference between these cameras and DSLR cameras is that the lenses you can change in these are smaller in size and are usually not as advanced as the ones that are available for DSLR cameras. Overall, these are ideal for people that want to take pictures with quality similar to DSLR but in a smaller camera.


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Remember To Clean Your Camera Sensor!

We cannot stress this enough.


Unfortunately, we see many people neglect this. This is a huge mistake!


You should take care of your camera sensors and clean them from time to time in order to prevent damage, maintenance costs or even the loss of your beloved camera.


We have some great material on sensor cleaning that will certainly help you out and take away any confusion you might have.


You might not even know that there is a great product out there that professionals and service centers use that you can buy for a cheap price and clean your sensors easily. Camera sensor cleaning has never been easier and you should take advantage of this!