I’m not sure how I missed blogging one of my absolute favorite weddings, but as I was going through my archives I found this post which was saved as a draft- and never uploaded.  I decided it was too good to waste and am uploading it now (only a year or so late :)).  This was another collaboration with the wonderful Haley who is a fantastic wedding planner to work with.  The wedding was held at Orange Beach, and one of the coolest aspects was that you could see the site from Tara’s house on Ono Island, where she was getting ready with her fun and crazy group of friends and bridesmaids. Tara’s mom is an artist (and a wonderful one!  I ended up commissioning her to create wineglasses for my Boudoir and wedding clients- and they all love them :)), and there were tons of handmaid details everywhere.  One of the coolest “favor” ideas I’ve ever encountered was thanks to Tara’s mom, Jenna- she’d hand-painted a wineglass for every guest at the wedding!  I can’t even imagine the amount of time she put into it- but it was truly a one-of-a-kind detail that I’m sure everyone will cherish!  And, of course, the fact that Tara is a drop-dead gorgeous blonde bombshell, and Wes is a Southern Gentleman in all the best ways of the word- helped make this wedding even more memorable to photograph.  Wes definitely melted my heart when he told me that we could do whatever Tara wanted- it was her day and he was just there to make her happy :) Gotta love a guy like that!


Alexa definitely wins my “furthest traveled senior” award- coming all the way from Wisconsin!  I have family there and remember fondly (mixed with a bit of kid boredom dread) how long it took us to drive up there when I was a kid.  She came for the beaches and had her mom and cousin along as her cheering section.  Alexa is an athlete, a swimmer, but she could easily be a competitor on “next top model” as we pointed out to her often!  She has gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous blue eyes!!!  And she definitely knew how to use them.  As part of my relationship with Indigeaux Boutique, my senior clients are welcome to go there for a styling consultation with Katie, and may even wear a few things during their shoot. Alexa took us up on the offer and modeled 2 dresses from the store- both of which I thought looked beautiful on her (the black and red dress, and the creamy lace dress).  Alexa, I know the future holds many great things for you, and I hope you have a great graduation and enjoy your summer before going off to college next year!


For the Spring Campaign Katie wanted a nautical theme, which was an amazingly fun concept to work with.  I was an avid sailor in high school and college, and I loved the idea of shooting on an old 18th century-style schooner.  Katie made the arrangements and voila- I got my wish! Erin Whibbs was, as always, a gorgeous and fun model.  And we had a blast running around the ship finding unique spots to photograph.  I’m not yet sure which images they are using in the ad campaign, but here were a few of my favorites from the shoot:


This was one of my favorite shoots I’ve done for Indigeaux Denim Bar & Boutique! Erin Whibbs was once again our beautiful model and we had a blast shooting at some of my favorite downtown spots before heading out to the lake.  In honor of Indigeaux’s one year anniversary celebration, we decided to play around with balloons, and I loved the final image we chose for their anniversary ad. I always love working with the talented ladies of Indigeaux (Katie and Kelly Rozier) and Erin is just a joy to photograph!  I’ll be back tomorrow to blog the Spring campaign… until then, enjoy these!